“You live once, if you do it right, once is enough”


. A Holistic Framework for Addressing the World using Machine Learning. In CVPR, IEEE, 2018.


. Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery. In ISPRS, 2018.

PDF Code Project

. Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery. In CVPR, IEEE, 2017.

PDF Code Project

. FPGA Accelerated Abandoned Object Detection. In ICCTICT, IEEE, 2016.

PDF Slides

. Multi-Scale Convolutional Architecture for Semantic Segmentation. In RI Technical Reports, CMU, 2015.

PDF Project Slides

. Digitization of Historic Inscription Images using Cumulants based Simultaneous Blind Source Extraction. In ICVGIP, 2014.


. Enhancement and Retrieval of Historic Inscription Images. In ACCV, 2014.



  • April 2018: One paper selected in CVPR-2018, another in International Journal of Geo-Information(ISPRS), March 2018 issue.
  • August 2017: Robocodes in news: state of maps, facebook research, geospatialworld
  • June 2017: Our “Robocodes” paper at CVPR 2017 (paper) (code)
  • August 2016: I have joined Facebook as Software Engineer in AI.
  • March 2016: Presented my paper in ICCTICT 2016 on “FPGA Accelerated Abandoned Object Detection” (slides)
  • February 2016: One paper selected in ICCTICT, IEEE, 2016
  • Jaunary 2016: Started working with DataCulture(now Supply.ai) as Data Scientist brining predictive intelligence to supply chain.
  • December 2015: Started working as Data Science Intern at Right Relevance.
  • Augsut 2015: Wonderful summer spent in Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Delivered a talk on my research on “Scene Understanding for Robots using RGB-Depth Information”. (slides)
  • January 2015: Awesome winter school, we got Best Project Award
  • November 2014: Selected for CMU IPTSE Winter School 2014
  • October 2014: One paper selected in ICVGIP-2014, another in ACCV-2014



A predictive intelligence tool for supply chain to prevent returns

FPGA accelerated Abandoned Object Detection

A standalone system based on Xilinx FPGA for abandoned object detection

Scene Understanding

Scene understanding through semantic labelling

3B Biometric Security System

A cheap biometric security system for monitoring purpose

Robot Navigation system using Xbox Kinect

A cheap navigation system for a robot using Xbox Kinect

Comic Polyglot

An algorithm for automatic translation of raw manga comics from Japanese into English

Face Detection & Tracking

A novel algorithm for detecting faces and tracking in videos


An ICA based alogrithm for historical inscription identification and extraction from manuscripts

Lunabotics Mining Project

Lunabot for NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition 2013

Text Extractor Device

A device that automatically detects texts from images